Skreddy Pedals Ultimate List

This is the World’s Number 1 page for curious fans and collectors of Skreddy Pedals! (So what if it’s the only one?!?)

Here you can learn nearly everything you would need to know to navigate the used market, and also the history of Skreddy Pedals in general. Or, just browse around. You’re welcome either way.

The pedals are listed in the menu in their production release order, with as much information on each as possible; updates are always happening. Also, check the blog, as I’ll have comparison (Ernie vs Rust Rod, etc) entries, new pedal reviews, and hopefully videos and guest entries, too.

This project started life as a Gear Page post because I was starting to collect Skreddies, but I couldn’t find any cohesive information. Tons of guys pitched in, but Muff Wiggler and Cookieshoes deserve special recognition. And of course Marc Ahlfs too, for the pedals AND the insights that are all over this site!