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Zero (+mids switch) (Holy Mountain is a 3-knob Zero)(released January 2005?)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (via TGP):?
"In the Skreddy Zero, I'm using new-old-stock 2N5088 transistors, which were not used 'till later models, not the triangle and not even the early rams heads (which still used FS36999's). My supply of old 2N5088's have a high-gain sound that is aggressive and focused, fairly brown, and with a velvety top end (unlike modern units which have a glassy, potentially harsh treble sound). For the Zero, in addition to the transistors having a more focused and high-gain sound than a triangle, I use a couple of polyester film capacitors to add a bit more fatness and glassiness to the signal (where using all ceramic disc caps, like a triangle, gives you a soft, gritty tone).

The Zero comes very close to the Mellon Collie sound, but lacks that certain chainsaw buzz of the op-amp version. The Mayo was great for that tone, too, because it used 2N5133 transistors (not as old as those found in triangles, so not as syrupy sounding), which lent a creamier and grittier tone and helped to emulate the creamy effect of multiple overdubs like on the album.

Oh, yeah; I use the same transistors in the Zero and the Cognitive Dissonance MkIII. The MkIII is set up to sound very balanced and is a very refined BMP circuit and has my proprietary modified tone stack."

"The original Zero was made with a board that does not have a space for a mids switch. Later ones, which use the board from the Mayo, do have a pad for one; but it's a special-request thing. The flat-mids tone stack engaged in a Zero take it out of the alterna-doom genre and into the late 80's butt-rock zone."

"The Zero uses different transistors than the Mayo and the Zero is generally more aggressive and tight while the Mayo is looser and fatter throughout. They aren't the same circuit."
Notice that there is no bezel around the LED in this pic, while the top picture has one. This automatically dates the pedal for you…