One-offs and Charity Pedals

Marc Says (via TGP):
“I made a special Zero/Mayonaise MkII on one box with a bypass switch and an A/B switch for an awesome friend in France (this is the guy who turned Billy Corgan on to my pedals).”?

Sideways Down 1(Tone Bender Mk1.5 clone with proper NOS Mullard germaniums)(#1 1-4-12)

Sideways Down 2 (Tone Bender Mk1.5 clone with proper NOS Mullard germaniums)(#2 11-12-12)

Bone Tender Fuzz” – (One of a kind Made especially for Cowtown Guitars by the man himself, Marc Ahlfs! Basically a circa ’68 Tone Bender MKIII clone, w/ high gain but very warm. Uses OC76 input, OD81D, and OC75 black glass germanium transistors. A VERY cool fuzz.

Bone Tender Fuzz
Wall of Sound (TGP member MojoMan)
Vid Jacobs
Bold As Love (Top Fuel?)
"Tender Loins" (Pig Mines)
Charity Auction pedals: ?
Haunting Mids 1 (PacRod)
Haunting Mids 2 (Wild Kingdom? or plain?)(1 knob, mid-switch)
And apparently there's a Sideways Down #3, made specifically for Muff Wiggler. Maybe a pic will pop up soon.?