? Lady

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? Lady (TGP user Platypus has a “PLADYpus”)(released mid 2006) (retired 12-15-07?)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (via TGP):?
"If you want the synthy, over-the-top fuzz with the ability to also do Pumpkins, then, yes, a ? Lady pedal will work...it's roughly based on the ram's head Big Muff but with some tweeks and careful parts selection...The gain sounds about twice as high as a Mayo. It is really aggressive at high sustain settings, and at low sustain settings, it gets some interesting, chewy textures. It's designed to cop the Isley "Lady" (minus the phase shifter) tone, plus it's great for other funky fuzz tones like Funkadelic, etc. The voicing is similar to the Mayo but it has a whiff of 1970 thrown in."

"The ? Lady is made with a tone stack that has a bit more upper mids on its own. Not so scoopy that it gets lost in the mix but not nasally and congested like flat mids either. So given that, I think the switch is not needed in that one."

"Compared to the Mayo, the ? Lady is more over the top, open-the-floodgates, fat and aggressive sounding. The ? Lady is based on all the same specs as the Ernie, but uses the transistors from the Mayo. So it's got the same essential "voice" as the Mayo but the fatness, aggressiveness, and sustain of the Ernie. It's like a little Funkadelic and Band of Gypsys flavors were sprinkled in there, owing to the BC109C transistor (which has a voice like a silicon fuzzface) I use in the output stage."