Giant Meat Pie

Giant Meat Pie (released 4-13-13)(12 made? Muff Wiggler says only 9)(2N5828 transistors and tropical fish caps in a Rams Head BMP configuration) Official Skreddy Page HERE

Marc says (via TGP):?
"The first Giant Meat Pie issue was made from 2N5828 transistors (awesome sounding, like an original FS36999 but with more bite) and tropical fish caps in a Rams Head BMP configuration."

“I combined the most interesting bits of the 1972-75 versions and then went ahead and used all tropical fish signal capacitors for the smoothest and sweetest tone possible.  Has super rare NOS 2N5828 transistors that emulate the best qualities of the old FS36999, with sustain for days and lower noise than pretty much any vintage model.”

Giant Meat Pie BC239 on the left, OG GMB on the right