Cognitive Dissonance Mk. 4

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Cognitive Dissonance Mk 4: Released 10 – 3 – 18 .

” The newest edition is not based on the vintage triangle knob tone but is a tonally transparent, silky-sounding fuzz probably more akin to a Cornish design in its execution. It’s vintage fuzz but with very modern refinement and not stuck in any particular box as far as musical genre (in contrast to the P19 in which I sought to clone the sound from “The Wall”).

Sounds so good, it’s addictive

Kick it on and you’ll instantly be inspired by this vintage-style, 4-silicon-transistor distortion / fuzz / sustain stompbox.  The Cognitive Dissonance’s™ refined tone and precise response are products of years of research and experience in fuzz design.

The Scoop/Flat switch shifts the midrange content from lightly mid-scooped to just enough more mids to fill in the vocal frequency range in a natural way without altering the fundamental character.

The MkIV comes after the MkIII had been discontinued since 2015, and it is essentially an exact reissue, circuit-wise, of the Cognitive Dissonance MkIII. I had been planning to do a MkIV for some time, and as it turns out I found zero reason to make any changes from the MkIII for this new design. It is really nice as is! So I have the MkIV design already made for my screen printer (2 different versions of it), but in order to make more MkIII’s I’d have to use paper or water-slide decals. Nope. Better to start a new product name/serial # series if only because the silkscreened graphics are better than decals.

Review from Premire Guitar, 10-9-18