Official Skreddy Twangophile page HERE

Announced 12-7-2019 – ” Another amp-sim, this time in the classic Fender Deluxe vein. Check it out! Sweet, bell-like tones to be had… “

The Twangophile is a lovely take on the early Deluxe amplifier’s normal channel and goes from mild, ultra-clean to brash, aggressive, clean-ish.

The Twangophile responds very much like a tube amp would to your pickup volumes and to the impact of running other effect pedals in front of it.

Guitar preamp that emulates the sound and feel of a classic American tube combo

Break out of that mushy mix and let your guitar ring like a bell! Classic Fendery cleans with the historic 2-knob tone control that together with the gain knob can boost your sound into aggressive territory while raising string definition

All that is followed up with an optical compressor circuit designed to emulate a sagging GZ34 tube rectifier, a saturated output transformer, and over-loaded voice coils & speaker cones for that ultimate small combo experience.