Supa Tone

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Supa Tone (released 8-27-10)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (via TGP):?
“The Supa is kind of a nasty, raw tone with some dynamics and lots of high and lows un-filtered.”

BTW, on an entirely different note, if you bass players out there are looking for a good bass fuzz that is PUNCHY and CLEAR but powerful and ballsy, you may want to look into my Supa Tone. It is punchy and fat and doesn’t fizz out your signal, and it has a special “bass” mode in its tone stack that bypasses the stock mids scoop to let the full, juicy, pounding range of your bass guitar come through. I’m planning a new demo video for it soon and will be bringing it back into my main menu instead of relegating it to the “old favorites” list. I don’t think it has gotten the attention it deserves. Even in “guitar” mode, I’ve dialed it in fastidiously against the old original Colorsound unit, and it sounds identical. Rawk.

Yeah, I pretty much only like it with the sustain down low too. That way it sounds a lot like a JCM900 (the kind with the solidstate distortion rectifier in it) to my ear. And it will get boomy if you set the tone below 1:00 o’clock. I left this characteristic in there because that’s how my original example works, and I made this for the Colorsound fans and not for myself.

Spammy side note: the guitarists in Monster Magnet loved their bass player’s old Colorsound Supa Tone Bender so much they both bought Skreddy Supa Tones and told me they love them.