Rust Rod

Official Skreddy Rust Rod Page HERE

Rust Rod Fuzz (announced 10-22-15)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )
Marc Says (via TGP)

“Yeah, the Rust Rod is definitely my answer to the juiciest, most saturated, fattest Big Muff variants from the mid 70’s. Only I made the tone stack less obtrusive and more full sounding. Rather than simply changing the frequency response of the high-pass and low-pass filters, I’m blending the two sides together more, so there is less resistance for the signal to have to travel through on its way to the output, and there is less resistance between either extreme at every place along the sweep. ‘Cause like, ever get that frustrating feeling when playing with an old Big Muff, “I like this sound, but I just wish it didn’t eliminate all the other sounds at the same time?” This way you can get your optimal tone and there is no need for an extra switch or control over the mids.”