Rover Fuzz

Rover Fuzz (announced 10-22-15)(How many made?)(Highest known number – ) Official Skreddy Rover Page HERE

Marc Says (via his site):
The Skreddy Pedals™ ROVER can do that wooly, compressed 60's fuzz tone, but it can also be tight and articulate and well behaved. The sound is classic Tone Bender* with excellent volume clean-up and touch sensitivity.

You can go sustainy or you can go twangy! The ROVER has the versatility you've been searching for.

It’s a Tone Bender MkII type circuit but with a few tweaks. Input impedance is fairly high thanks to my re-design of the input stage to a modern, low-noise biasing network, and there’s a bit of multi-pole low-pass filtering added to the output to emulate germanium fuzz tones, plus the output volume can get a lot louder than a typical vintage fuzz. Oh, and the added “Wool” control is worth the price of admission IMO. I use 3 silicon 2N5172 transistors, nice and low gain and low noise. If somebody wanted a bit of extra mojo, they could also use 2N1711 for that cool metal-can look. The plastic TO-92 case works fine for my purposes, though.