Precision Series

Marc says: FYI: every time I forgo a “mojo” type part, I more than compensate through research and development. These new pedals don’t just sound good compared to my other stuff; they sound REALLY GOOD compared to anything anywhere. Lots of major improvements are in these pedals compared to my previous versions of these types of circuits. The Major Overdrive and ROVER have better input stage designs, with higher impedance and more sonic transparency. The Rust Rod has a more open, juicy-sounding tone stack with a wide usable range as opposed to a narrow sweet spot, and it has a soft, compressed feel like an old 70’s BMP instead of a hot, modern feel. Etc. I’m making very vintage-sounding effects using modern parts. There are no compromises, only improvements. The new assembly methodology will help us stay in the game and grow. We still are not competing head to head with Chinese-made products on the basis of price and have no desire to engage in a race to the bottom.