Paradigm Shift

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Paradigm Shift (released 6-4-11) (Marc has a Smoothness Mod for this)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc says (via TGP):?

"This is a proper, 4-stage phaser, with opto technology, not a Phase 45 clone and not fet-based and not a clone of the old Univibe circuit...I spent a great deal of time addressing all possible sources of noise on this one, and I can tell you it has none of its own."

"It is a 4-stage phaser, informed by the various MXR formats (as opposed to the discreet transistor design of the Uni-Vibe), but with a fine-tuned, low-noise, high-headroom input stage, and using Uni-Vibe capacitor values, and using LEDs (instead of an incandescent bulb like a Uni-Vibe) driving LDRs (not really photocells, but that's what people commonly refer to them as) instead of FETs (as with the Phase 90 and Phase 45) or integrated optocouplers (as with the Phase 100) or PWM (as with the Phaser 4) to modulate the phase shifting via the LFO (which has a dwell control for the ability to do exaggeratedly-asymmetrical sweeps)....It can mimic the throb of a Uni-Vibe almost to the tee, and there are different flavors and levels of subtlety available with the mix and dwell controls. I designed it to be able to sound like a Uni-Vibe but also to be able to cover the duties of any generic phaser so it could do the job without needing multiple different phasers on your board."