Mayonaise Mk. 3

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Mayonaise Mk. 3 (Released 3-17-14)(Discontinued 12-15 ?)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc says (via TGP):?
“This one just happens to be a particular favorite of mine, and I do invest a lot of “love” into it… compared to a typical muff, when cranked, the Mayonaise MkIII has a bit more of an over-the-top fuzz tone at max sustain. Super awesome in case you’re wanting more mids. See, no mids switch, right? Okay; so for more mids, you just crank the sustain, turn up the volume a bit too (this is really how to get more mids out of ANYTHING, BTW), and turn down the tone a bit. Hotter, thicker, louder, less mushy, lots more cut and lots more mids. Scoop? What scoop?”

"Actually the Mayonaise occupies a special place in my heart, and I'm very gratified personally to have been able to bring it back, and in greater numbers."

"I forgot to add the "MkIII" designation of a few when I labelled them. My bad, but I figured folks wouldn't care too much about that."


Yeah, I kinda don’t compare it to other people’s builds. I compare it to the original Mayonaise. Sure; some of the value of my high-dollar-resale pedals have been due to the pressure of limited availability. But really there is something about the original 1971 triangle knob which the Mayonaise captured. The MkIII is a faithful recreation (improved PCB design and a few minor tweaks which make sure the currently sourced parts yield that magic) of my first product and its sound. It is something for all the folks who missed out on some of my rarer builds; and yes, it’s priced as a premium product. It is intended for me to actually make a decent profit, as Cynthia and I have been working really hard for years and finding ourselves only treading water financially. We deserve a little slice of the pent-up demand for Skreddy premium/rare products, and it is honestly a huge pleasure to be able to supply this special pedal just in terms of what it is and what it does. I’m sorry the price encourages people pull out their calculators to do a dollars-to-tone analysis. Really that sort of calculus was the last thing on my mind when I decided to release the Mayonaise MkIII. I just figured other people would be as thrilled as I was to see this rarity come back in greater numbers. Maybe it doesn’t mean the same thing to other folks as it does for me, and that’s fine. I do get paid for it, which, after all, is all I should expect as a reward. And even after all the comparison to other peoples’ work and minor complaints about the finish, I’m sure you don’t have to be a hardcore Skreddy fan to still appreciate it for exactly what it is and how much it costs.