Lunar Module

Official Skreddy Lunar Module Page HERE

Lunar Module (released 12-24-07)(retired 10-12-11)(Cookieshoes thinks 600 +/- made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (via TGP):?
“The Lunar is really for aggressive, boosted-type fuzz tones, from Sabbathy riffing/soloing (when you turn the “Body” knob high to simulate a treble boosted front end) to Floydish fuzzy solos (with the Body knob low for fuzzier fatness).”

"It's definitely in the same family and can be dialed in to sound like a MkII Tone Bender, which is essentially just a Fuzz Face with an extra gain stage in front. The target tone of the Lunar is in the Fuzz Face range, but it's not just a simple clone of a Fuzz Face or of a Tone Bender. It's also got a few things in common with the Colorsound Overdriver. Though, not a clone of that either, it can be dialed in for some cleanish-boost/overdrive sounds, too."