Hybrid Fuzz Driver

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Hybrid Fuzz Driver (released 2-23-13)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (Via TGP):?
"The HFD is much more open and airy and amp-like, but still aggressive. It was designed, basically, to be my Page-in-a-box effect. I emphasize guitar volume-knob cleanup a great deal on this pedal, as that's exactly how Page plays."

"The HFD uses a hybrid of oldschool silicon (BC109) and germanium (AC127) in its fuzz section, which gives it a milder fuzz tone than the Lunar Module, which is all silicon. But it has a warmer, softer attack than the Screw Driver (which uses a MOSFET input stage and has a fairly sharp nature as a result). The HFD's input stage is like the Lunar's silicon (BC109) input stage, which cleans up super great with the volume knob, except that its pre-gain control is a MIDRANGE BOOST instead of a full range boost."

"In other news, today I decided to take the Screw Driver Mini Deluxe off the main menu. It can still be made on request; I just think that the Hybrid Fuzz Driver can do just about everything better. It's more open and dynamic and amp-like, and I like the mid boost feature better than the SD's full-range pre-gain."

Hybrid Driver:

Skreddy – 1. It’s tight, so it will do great things into dirty amps. You have your choice of full range, with the mid boost down, or as much super aggressive, hot mids as you want, almost approaching the sound of a cocked wah into an already mid-heavy amp. It can act as a clean bosot, a foundation overdrive pedal, a fuzzy overdrive booster, or a mild-ish fuzzbox, all depending on how you set the knobs. Even excels as a metal foundation pedal if you feed it with hot EMGs. My buddy Allen Dean uses it as his rhythm tone in the local band Skin of Saints, and he is using my BC239 Fuzz as his solo/lead booster (not stacking–I have him set up with a Dual Loop to select which pedal chain he wants; he just happens to use the BC239 Fuzz with its volume cranked as his lead tone. Also I think he’s putting his wah first and an Echo last in his “lead” chain, which is completely bypassed when in rhythm mode).