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Ernie (Ernie #1 dated 4-11-05?)(Retired 3-17-15)(When did mids-switch happen?)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc Says (via TGP):?
"The Ernie was made from a very cool batch of transistors I found in a surplus store (same units I built Zeros with). Ernies are more liquid and smooth sounding. ? Ladies are made with the transistors I build my new Mayos with (some re-issued transistors that have a similar character to the old ones used in triangle knobs, but they're grittier, edgier)...So the ? Lady compared to the Ernie is fuzzier, edgier, but they both have the same fat, sustainy response."

"The Ernie is a smooth, liquid sustainy sound (and will do some nice early Black Sabbath tones as well), but the ? Lady is more of a ragged fuzz beast. The difference is the transistors; everything else is pretty much identical."

"The Ernie will never get velcro-y, as each transistor is well biased and has negative feedback for stability. So you'd want to put the output of the Ernie into maybe some less-stable fuzz or booster to get IT into velcro territory."

"I didn't slavishly follow the ram's head schematic, because frankly I've never found one that really sounds all that great (well--not did, but to get a great sound out of it you'd have to turn up the sustain, which would then create an ocean of noise). I developed the sound for the ? Lady and Ernie by just aiming for a fat, endlessly-sustaining, harmonic lead tone and used whatever parts would get me there."
Skreddy - "Ernie #1 was unique. I was inspired by the Sonny & Cher TV show logo. Or some such variety show from the late 60's/early 70's. Don't remember."
Old vs Newer Ernie guts – notice the differences, in particular the big tranny in the top left (old ernie) vs the smaller one in same spot on newer ernie…
Old Ernie on left, Newer Ernie on right, notice differences – newer one has no bezel around the LED, has “instrument, amplifier, and 9-volt dc on top instead of side like the OG Ernie.