Dual Loop Mk. 1 (2004)

Dual Loop (The FIRST Skreddy Pedal ever)(Probably the RAREST Skreddy pedal)(“Moons” graphic, “Text-only” graphic)(There are around 30 in existence, in 3 different runs, 3rd is onging, so there are more than 30)(released late 2004)(Re-issued on 12-13-14 ((ha)), newer ones are PCB, originals are HandWired)

Marc Says (via this thread, post #120):?

"I did make Dual Loops before the Mayonaise, I'm pretty sure. It occurred to me as I was looking at an A/B schematic that the whole thing had room for 2 separate loops if you just wired it differently."

"Dual Loop #1... had a red-lens LED before I switched to using all water-clear versions, and this was before I designed our current Skreddy Pedals logo too...

"Yeah, the Dual Loops are numbered sequentially. I didn't re-start from 1 with the new version. I had discontinued the first one shortly after my fuzz orders started coming in heavy, 'cause I realized those hand-wired Dual Loops took as much time to build as the more expensive pedals did."

"There was a problem with some Dual Loops having a squeal if there was a high-gain pedal in the loop. I figured out it was due to some capacitance bleedthrough of the switching jacks, so I changed the design later on and made one of the loops non-normalized (no sound if you don't connect anything to the send/receive jacks) to bypass the switch and eliminate that problem--this would be dedicated to high-gain effects, and could still be bypassed with a single patch cord if nothing was being used there."
First Dual Loop, courtesy of Marc Ahlfs