Bloody Knuckle

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Bloody Knuckle (Released 2-21-14)(Discontinued 4-11-14)(Only 30 made?)
Marc Says (via TGP):?
“BTW, the BK’s based on the TB Mk 1. …I have made a couple 1.5 type fuzzes I called the Sideways Down, though.”

"The AC127's I use in the BK (and my other regular-production germanium-equipped circuits) are a lot tighter and higher gain than the old Mullards and don't have that same loose, brown, kazoo-like buzzy "mojo." So even though the circuit is quite close to a clone of the Mk1, it doesn't surprise me that it doesn't sound like either an original or any other clones. It's kind of its own thing"

Yeah, it’s a Tone Bender MkI clone, but not a clone at all, since it uses different transistors and has a few very important mods.

Yeah, there are some tips in the user manual. It is not a sustainy fuzz. You’ll find that it actually works best with the attack turned down in the majority of applications.

I removed the resistor in the original circuit that provided the “gate” effect, because I did not think that was necessary or even good. It will get a strange, mis-biased effect with the attack up all the way with the bridge pickup if using humbuckers. The pickup signal will swamp the bias and cause it to clamp off instead of sustaining when doing like Sabbath type chugging.

But use the neck pickup instead, and you can get some “woman” type tones. Or turn down the attack, and it starts to behave like a normal distortion but with a super raspy attack.

The picking technique that works best with this fuzz is that mid-60’s style of busy picking. That’s why I mention one of the songs that inspired me to make this pedal, “Baby Blue” by Bad Finger. The little walk-up-and-down riffs in that song are really perfect examples of this style and go so well with this fuzz. Rather than trying to achieve a legato sustain, focus on the nasty pick attack that it gives.

As stated in the manual and its web page, it works best when driven by humbuckers and is a bit lighter with singles.

This was more of a nostalgia trip as opposed to an original design that would probably get a lot more general usage. It’s fun to play, but I’m not always in a 60’s state of mind; so for me personally I wouldn’t really imagine having one on my pedalboard for most gigs. You know, unless I had some kitchy stuff I wanted to play. Like I said about it before, though; it’s nice to be able to do that opening riff to “What is Life” by George Harrison and other raspy/twangy fuzz tones from that sort of genre. If you dial it in just right, it’s also cool for some early Sabbath type tones. Not high on sustain, though; not your typical doom fuzz.