BC239 Fuzz

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BC239 Fuzz(Little brother to the G.M.P. 239? Similar Graphics) (announced 5-13-14)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc says (via TGP):?
"The small-box BC239 is sort of the same but very different. It has less of a transparent, round tone and more of a hot, mean tone. I upped the gain as high as it would get just before it becomes mushy. So its character is aggressive and lends itself to an "evil' riff machine...I abandoned the idea of a beautiful, clear tone (which is what the tropical fish and 1/2 Watt resistors lent to the big-box version) and let its biting nature come into its own with a meaty, textured fuzz and plenty of sustain...It emphasizes the articulation and harmonics of your playing; it's not a liquid or bass-heavy type of fuzz. It doesn't have the clarity required for Gilmour style leads; it's better for a more aggressive style where some velvety rasp is part of the essential voice, even on high notes.

This Skreddy BC239 is actually based on a particular v3 I had in the shop, but I know that transistor was used in the rams head era too. I just happened to really like the tight feel of this particular one, and in its current incarnation in the small box (different capacitors than the big box Giant Meat Pie BC239 edition), I’ve got it voiced to do a really great Black Sabbath and 80’s/90’s metal thing…. It’s basically a late rams head/early v3. The circuits didn’t necessarily change when the graphics changed, and the rams head was constantly varying throughout its entire history. Like they went from being basically identical to the triangle to being more beefy and then through countless minor revisions and parts substitutions to where they ended up being tight and having nice mids toward the end. That’s the version the Skreddy BC239 emulates.

The GMP BC239-equipped big box was made with tropical fish capacitors and was tweaked for lowish gain for the sweetest tone and extremely low noise, like really sweet tone with lots of range. Kinda targeted a Gilmour vibe on that one.

The BC239 Fuzz small box goes entirely for a more aggressive, distortiony sound for tight metal tones, like early-to-mid-70s Black Sabbath kinda thing. Like the webpage says, it will inspire you to play some evil riffs. Has a toothy top end, not fluty and liquid sounding, so it stays aggressive even when playing solos high up on the fretboard.