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BC109 (announced 2-6-13)(released 10-17-13)(How many made?)(Highest known number – )

Marc says (via TGP):?
“It’s a pure Fuzz Face type fuzz through and through. Very minimal tweaks mainly in the interest of noise reduction. A couple of extra controls consist of a common bias control and an uncommon voice control which is nothing more than a vintage guitar-type tone control (huge high-voltage capacitor which has a useful, even sweep throughout the knob’s travel). This is for smoother and fatter fuzz tones…The only reason the BC109 Fuzz has 4 transistors in it instead of 2 is I just piggyback each one with a 2nd. This has the effect of lowing noise and also slightly sweetening and thickening the tone at the same time.”

It’s a silicon fuzz face. Plenty of fuzz and sustain. No need to stack even with a clean amp. Pretty raspy. Still has a number of the basic shortcomings of the classic fuzz face design including: needs to be first in line after the guitar (although if you switch the impedance to “HB” it’s a lot more forgiving). The fuzz knob really sounds best cranked or almost all the way up. There is no “tone” control, so the high end you get is the high end you get.

Some improvements/tweaks/bonuses: it has a “voice” control which is basically a guitar tone control at the input, because these things sound great with the guitar tone rolled back, so now you can get that effect dialed into the pedal instead of having to change your guitar setting. It has a bias control for different fuzz characters. It features paralleled transistors (4 instead of 2), which does basically nothing except reduce the noise level. Also it has more volume on tap than a vintage fuzz face design (via a simple alteration of the output stage voltage divider).