Official Skreddy Mayonaise Mk. 1 Page HERE

Mk. 1 (30 were made?)(sonic clone of a 1971 triangle knob BMP)(released 9-2004, Mayonaise #0003 dated 9-5-04) (retired when?)

Marc Says (via TGP and
"The thing that got me into making pedals for sale was an original, first-edition "triangle knob" Big Muff Pi that I repaired for a friend of a friend. After I got it fixed, I was so in love with it that I inquired about buying it from the owner. He declined, saying it was a family heirloom; so I decided to clone it. That was my first product, the Skreddy Mayonaise. I didn't know it at first, but I really struck gold with my very first purchase of transistors, which were THE perfect specimens to recreate that smooth, creamy fuzz tone from the original." (excerpted from THIS INTERVIEW)

"My first pedal, the Mayonaise, was a clone (all audio components were exactly like the original) of the triangle knob--can't be done without the correct NOS transistors. That's why you won't see many if any proper triangle clones. The same circuit, maybe, but only with those old transistors will it have the same smooth, creamy, gritty, singing, amp-like tone as the original. I've made a lot of pedals using newer versions of the same transistor part: the Mayo, ? Lady, and Pink Flesh. They're good too, but I had to adjust the circuit to get a nice tone--none are a straight clone of the triangle knob."

"If memory serves, the last 2 Mayonaises initially had 2 alternative transistors in them and were both recalled and made whole with the correct 2N5133's that I scavenged out of the prototype."

"The Mayonaise was a dead-nuts, part-for-part triangle-knob clone (except that I had left out the 8.2k resistor between the sustain control and the 2nd gain stage, which gives it less of a low-pass filter and more available gain when cranked), with the correct VINTAGE NOS transistors...the Mayonaise was creamer, smoother, and had a more transparent eq. The Mayo is heavier and thicker and has a bit more aggression/less smoothness/less transparent."