General Pig

(Announced 9-10-19)(Replacement for P19)

From Marc’s Facebook: “Wonderful news: made a small-box fuzz that sounds almost the same as my all-time favorite, the Giant Meat Pie BC239, but without having to use rare and expensive tropical fish capacitors!

The circuit is a near clone of my original Mayo, only I’m using a clear-sounding transistor with a nice moderate gain range (right down the middle of what a vintage BMP likes to have in it) and the same cutting tone stack (based on the circa 1976 rams head edition) as used in my GMP239.

I am STRONGLY considering retiring my P19 in favor of this new model, as it does what the P19 was designed to do, only better.

I will be calling it the “General Pig,” and there will be a standard graphic (shown here) available very soon, plus a very limited, special edition, hand-painted batch of enclosures available in the foreseeable future.

” An articulate fuzz with just the right amount of gain. I love it so much I have decided to RETIRE the vaunted P19 and add this pedal to my line-up as THE Gilmour-flavored fuzz.”